The Reynaers CSR Awards: here are the winners


At Reynaers, we take social and environmental responsibility into account in every corporate decision, based on a long-term vision.

Our different branches devote a great deal of attention to sustainability and other Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) related issues in their day-to-day work. As an extra incentive towards genuine commitment, we launched the Reynaers CSR Awards. A great way to highlight CSR-projects and to inspire each other.

An independent jury selected 4 remarkable, impactful initiatives and presented them with an award during the first Reynaers CSR award ceremony. The jury preferred initiatives that can easily be rolled out to other entities and that require commitment from the staff, not just investment by the company.

  • Roval/Reynaers Aluminium Nederland won the Reynaers Energy award for introducing the superhero EnerGuy in their offices. An awarenessraising action that not only affects energy use and CO2 emissions at work, the tips can also be applied at home.
  • Our painting company Alural Lummen received the Reynaers Material Use award for reviewing the way waste is sorted and removed from the workshop. It resulted in a cleaner and safer workplace and had a positive impact on employee commitment.
  • Reynaers Aluminium Italy was the winner of the Reynaers People Commitment award for the longterm commitment to support the non-profit organisation Sport Senza Frontiere.
  • Reynaers Ireland managed to introduce an evidencebased programme that enthuses colleagues to adopt a better lifestyle by eating healthier. By making health concrete and tangible, it had a life-changing impact. They received the Reynaers Safety & Health award for this initiative.


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