The most common technique for insulating aluminium profiles is insulation with polyamide strips. The inner and outer chambers of the profile are connected with two fibre-glass reinforced insulating polyamide strips. The wider the strips, the higher the insulation factor.

The insulation of aluminium profiles requires extensive know-how and experience. In order to ensure the highest quality, Reynaers created its own insulation company, ERAP. This department measures over 6000 m² (soon 9000 m²) and counts 60 employees. Over 5000 profiles are processed every day, resulting in 630 km of insulated profiles every month. ERAP is the biggest insulation entity for aluminium profile production in Europe.  


In 2015 we acquired a new machine, the Aluroller SF, for insulating the aluminum profiles more easily. It is highly automated to deliver 10% to 20% faster running times, has zero defect tolerances, easy adaptability and faster setting times to insulate new designs and different frames without human intervention.