We strive for a corporate culture based on respect for and between employees, customers, suppliers, our society and the world we live in. This implies openness to other ideas and an active aspiration for diversity. It also means that preserving natural resources and reducing our ecologic footprint is a priority throughout our entire supply chain and in our daily lives.


Long-term cooperation with our partners in order to reach common goals is the foundation of our success now and in the future. It is our aim to contribute to the prosperity of all of our stakeholders and to nurture the talents of all of our employees to ensure their ongoing commitment to our company. Our family shareholders motivate and guide us in our aim to build a sustainable future beyond generations.


We stand for excellence and strive for a flawless track record in order to safeguard the interests of our customers and to live up to their expectations. Our employees take pride in being the best in their respective fields and in cooperating to achieve outstanding results.


Our employees are innovative, creative and dare to take risks. Innovative behaviour is promoted by internal and external interaction, creating customer value through solutions that meet current and future needs. We apply the highest quality standards and integrate the latest technologies to serve these needs.