MasterLine 8

MasterLine 8 Crafted for masters

  • 3000 mm
  • 4 (600 Pa)
  • Rw(C;Ctr) = 43(-1;-4) dB
  • 58 mm
  • 1400 mm
  • 7A (300 Pa)
  • 153mm: HI 2,2 / HI+ 1,4 W/m²K 178,5mm: HI+ 1,3 W/m²K
  • 153 mm
  • C3 (1200 Pa)
  • RC2/WK2 - RC3/WK3
Note: Performances may be different depending on the profile combinations.

Design made to measure.

  • MasterLine 8 Functional
  • MasterLine 8 Panel doors
  • MasterLine 8 Pivot doors

MasterLine 8 Functional

A clean and minimalistic look. Suitable for all architectural styles.

MasterLine 8 Panel doors

With excellent thermal and weather performances, ideal for domestic entrance doors.

MasterLine 8 Pivot doors

The new, versatile solution to make an architectural statement in residential or public buildings.

Opening types and configurations.

More solutions. Discover the design, energy and safety variants.

Consult the detailed specifications, documentation and downloads for all available product variations on the technical product pages.

  • MasterLine 8 Zero threshold door
  • MasterLine 8 Balcony door
  • MasterLine 8 Panic door
  • MasterLine 8 Passive door
  • MasterLine 8 Pivot door
  • MasterLine 8 Panel door
  • MasterLine 8 Deco
  • MasterLine 8 Renaissance
  • MasterLine 8-HI
  • MasterLine 8-HI+

MasterLine 8 Zero threshold door

Completely flush threshold, allowing access without barriers.

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MasterLine 8 Balcony door

Rebate Doors available with a brush, an automatic drop seal or with a low threshold of 20mm for improved weather tightness.

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MasterLine 8 Panic door

Emergency evacuation door with regard to safety and performance complying with burglar resistance.

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MasterLine 8 Passive door

Excellent thermal performances proven by the Passive Housing certificate.

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MasterLine 8 Pivot door

The new, versatile solution to make an architectural statement in residential or public buildings.

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MasterLine 8 Panel door

Designed to meet the modern comfort requirements.

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MasterLine 8 Deco

A modern, unique design that stands out and delivers a contemporary feel.

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MasterLine 8 Renaissance

More traditional detailing design on heritage windows.

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MasterLine 8-HI

Excellent performances under severe weather circumstances.

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MasterLine 8-HI+

Innovative insulation bars improving the insulation value even further. Suitable for passive houses.

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