MasterLine 8 Pivot Door

MasterLine 8 Pivot Door

MasterLine 8 Pivot Door

The new way of entering

Reynaers MasterLine 8 doors represent the best doors the market can offer and deliver maximum comfort and security for the user, while allowing substantial architectural freedom with numerous design variants and scoring high on energy-efficiency.

The new MasterLine 8 pivot door are a versatile solution to make an architectural statement in any residential of public building.

The applicability of MasterLine 8 pivot doors is endless: slim profile design with heights up to 4m with the 'XL' variant, unlimited multi-leaf configurations in the 'Landscape' variant for maximum outdoor living experience, or the 'Residential' door with burglar resistance class 2 and excellent weather performances.


Technical information


Min. Visible width frame: inward opening68.5 mm 
Min. Visible width frame-vent: inward opening129 mm 
Min. Visible width frame: outward opening68.5 mm 
Min. Visible width frame-vent: outward opening155 mm 
Min. Visible width T-profile80 mm 
Max. height vent4000 mm 
Max. width vent2500 mm 
Max. weight element500 kg 
Overall system depth frame77 mm 
Overall system depth vent77 mm 
Rebate height27 mm 
Min. Glass thickness10 mm 
Max. Glass thickness62 mm 
Min. Glass thickness vent10 mm 
Max. Glass thickness vent62 mm 
Glazing methodDry glazing with EPDM or neutral silicones  
Thermal breakFibreglass Reinforced Polyamide Strips
Omega Shaped Fibreglass  


Air tightness max. test pressure4 (600 Pa)
Water tightness4A (150 Pa)
Wind load resistanceC3 (1200 Pa)
Burglar resistanceRC2/WK2
Thermal insulation (Uf)1,5 W/m²K

Opening elements

  • Inward Opening Pivot DoorInward Opening Pivot Door
  • Outward Opening Pivot DoorOutward Opening Pivot Door
  • Multi-leaf Pivot DoorMulti-leaf Pivot Door